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Demonstrated Passion for Computer Science

Volunteering as a tutor shows a proactive commitment to the field of computer science. Admissions committees look for applicants who have not only studied the subject but have also engaged with it actively and creatively outside of the classroom.

Leadership and Initiative

Taking on the responsibility to teach others is a strong indicator of leadership qualities. This experience demonstrates initiative, management skills, and the ability to motivate and guide others, all of which are critical characteristics for potential leaders in tech.

Real-World Impact

Through TeachForth, volunteers have a tangible impact on their community by helping to improve educational outcomes for students who may have limited access to quality tech education. This kind of social impact is highly valued by universities that look for students who contribute positively to society.

Preparation for College Coursework and Interactions

Regular tutoring helps volunteers to master the foundational computer science curriculum, giving them a head start in their college courses. Furthermore, the experience equips them with the skills to effectively collaborate with peers and professors.

Soft Skills Development

Effective communication, patience, empathy, and the ability to breakdown complex concepts into understandable chunks are all soft skills that are sharpened through tutoring. These are invaluable in any collaborative or client-facing technology role.

Recommendations and Certifications

Volunteers can earn certifications or endorsements from TeachForth, which can be included in their college applications. Additionally, having a recommendation letter from a program coordinator who can attest to the volunteer’s dedication and impact can be a powerful component of a college application.


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