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Empower, Teach, Transform

Join as a TeachForth tutor and make a significant impact while gaining invaluable experience.

Empower, Teach, Transform

Why Tutor With Us?

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Real Impact

Your tutoring directly uplifts students from diverse backgrounds, opening doors to their future in technology.

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Skill Advancement

Reinforce your computer science skills and learn to communicate complex ideas clearly and effectively using Coditum’s advanced teaching tools.


College and Career Readiness

Stand out in college applications and prepare for a successful career with hands-on experience.

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Volunteer Hours

Earn valuable volunteer hours that enhance your academic resume and are recognized on your Common Application, making you a more attractive candidate to universities.”

How It Works

Your Path to Becoming a TeachForth Tutor

Step 1

Complete our simple online application to start your journey.

Step 2

Undergo a brief training session to hone your tutoring skills and learn how to use the Coditum platform effectively.

Step 3

Get matched with a student who can benefit most from your knowledge and teaching style.

Step 4

Start tutoring, meet and communicate with your student, and track their progress using our advanced tools."

The Benefits of Tutoring with TeachForth

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College Admissions

Enhance your college applications with verified volunteer hours and a letter of recommendation.


Earn a Coditum Teaching Certification after completing 30 hours of tutoring, adding a prestigious credential to your resume.

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Skills Development

Skills Development

Develop key soft skills such as leadership, empathy, and communication that are critical in any professional setting.

Hear From Our Tutors


Being a TeachForth volunteer has helped me grow as a person in many ways. It builds a sense of responsibility and helps to create better skills in conversation and teaching. The feeling of community and notion that you are really impacting the world for the better are something invaluable.

Elisha, 17
Volunteer Teacher

Volunteering with TeachForth has enhanced my coding skills and vital soft skills, such as teaching. I've also loved connecting with my student, and even though we live in different countries, we bond over technology. Witnessing his growth makes the experience incredibly rewarding. He is now starting to teach his peers, and I'm excited that he'll now be able to have an impact on others himself!

Adam, 18
Volunteer Teacher

Volunteering with TeachForth has allowed me to review and expand my Java knowledge in a way that purely studying could not. Embracing this opportunity to serve my community (while improving my own confidence & coding skills) has been one of the best decisions I've made!

Jocelyn, 17
Volunteer Teacher

TeachForth provided me with important credentials that verified my coding ability, helping me successfully navigate the interview process and gain access to their website. This achievement has opened up new opportunities, enhanced my networking with other coders, and expanded my knowledge of computer science.

Daniel, 17
Volunteer Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

To become a volunteer at TeachForth, start by completing our online volunteer application. As part of this process, you will need to provide a recommendation from a teacher who can attest to your proficiency in coding. This recommendation form is integrated directly into the application for your convenience.

Following the submission of your application and recommendation, you will have a brief online meeting with an existing TeachForth volunteer. This session is designed to verify your knowledge of coding concepts and ensure you are prepared for the tutoring role.

If you have previously been involved with SummerTech as a counselor-in-training, a teacher, or are a certified Coditum teacher, you can bypass the recommendation and verification steps.

Once your application is approved, you will receive training materials to help you prepare for your role. You will also be paired with a student who matches your expertise and schedule preferences, allowing you to start making a significant impact through education.

To ensure the highest quality of tutoring and consistency for our students, TeachForth has set the following requirements for all volunteers:

  • Academic Proficiency: Volunteers must be high school students demonstrating strong understanding and academic performance in STEM subjects.
  • Commitment to Teaching: A genuine passion for teaching and helping others learn is essential. We look for volunteers who are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge and fostering educational growth in their peers.
  • Leadership Skills: Effective communication and leadership skills are crucial as you will guide and mentor students through their learning process.
  • Time Commitment: We require volunteers to commit to at least one academic year of service. This commitment helps maintain continuity and stability in the learning experience of the students you will be mentoring.
  • Volunteer Hours: All volunteers must complete at least 20 hours of volunteer teaching over the course of 10 months. Volunteer hours are certified at the end of each academic year or upon completion of your commitment.

These requirements are designed to ensure that our volunteers are well-prepared to provide valuable educational support and that our students receive a consistent, impactful learning experience.

Yes, all the time you spend tutoring, preparing for sessions, and participating in training counts as volunteer hours. We provide official documentation to certify your volunteer hours for school or other programs.

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