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Goldeneye Foundation

Since 2020 we have partnered with the Goldeneye Foundation to provide classes and training to children in the town of Oracabessa Bay, Jamaica.

Jamaica Day School children
hudson scholars
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Hudson Scholars

We are proud to work with children from the Hudson Scholars program in conjunction with the Hackley School in Tarrytown, NY providing private coding lessons and SummerTech scholarships.

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Welcome Home

Established in 2016, Welcome Home Jersey City is a community-based nonprofit organization that provides educational, employment and material support for refugees, asylees and asylum-seekers in the Jersey City area. Welcome Home operates from the philosophy that all people deserve the dignity of a decent home, and the resources they need to make a better life for themselves. Welcome Home believes our community needs to help our new neighbors adjust to their new environment. As such, our goal is to facilitate our clients’ successful integration into the community by augmenting and extending services provided by resettlement agencies.

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